The tips for the “About” page let you know that you need to make yourself so exciting that everyone will want to read your blog. Sorry, I’m just another middle aged guy who has thoughts on culture and wants readers for what I write.

To tell about myself I’ll let you know my taste in literature and art. My current favorite writer is Barbara Pym, a droll 1940’s through 1960’s English novelist, expert on disappointment and unrequited love. I’ve always been a big fan of Rumer Godden (from the same era) though she tends towards happier endings. Though Catholic, I don’t care for Flannery O’Connor’s writing and the idea of SHOUTING for the hard of hearing. Besides which, having been a probation officer, I don’t find her portrayal of criminals very realistic. Not that I like realistic criminals in literature; I saw enough of them on the job. I much prefer a Marple or Poirot.

My all time favorite novels, at least at this point, would be I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, anything about Blandings by Wodehouse, or Rumer Godden’s An Episode of Sparrows.

In art, my taste runs towards Gilded Age painters and sculptors like Homer, Sargent, Beaux and Saint-Gaudens. I also like the Pre-Raphaelites and their progeny, and the American Impressionist Robert Henri. I also love pen and ink drawings and illustrations and woodcut prints.